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Kathleen, BRAVO. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant work. Once again you have taken images from the Great Below and brought them to the Great Above for all to see, for it is all of us you represent here. All women on the journey of becoming. This is all of our story made conscious. And you have done it, as usual, with the outstanding skill of your own imagination (inner collective/personal image) and artistry which is beautiful, profound, refined and masterful. I was particularly struck with the stance of the woman which spoke to me of a Warrioress, a stance which evoked in me a feeling of solidness on the earth and immovability. I could see in her the Finn Warrioress. I was also struck with the beauty, size, and shape of her feet which although not perfectly defined, could be perceived and imagined to be perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body to create a certain beauty and power in her whole body. Also I was struck with the way her bottom stuck out which reminded me of the behind of a large black woman...which would make sense as it is said that we have all come from African origins and thus the deepest place of our ancestry and ancient womanhood. The final image of the woman felt very Native American to me. And although I saw many birds, I felt strongly in the presence of owl medicine. A Shamanic Owl Presence. The image of the ancient frozen shaman woman that was found with her medicine bag intact came to mind. She lives in your image somehow. Well done.

Hi Kathleen,
Great work! The result and the way you made it. I am a creator too. But still having problems making money to pay my bills. But there's something you opened for me. Don't know what yet, but it will come out. I'm a writer, designer, photographer and more. See http://www.markbiemans.com http://www.equalnessanduniqueness.com and I'm a healer too, kind of a therapist ( www.paradigmas.nl )
I read many of your pages. When I heal someone, I heal a part of the persons subconscious, the Angel in the House. It's true, somewhere in Life, this life or from ancestors, there was something that happened, an event, and there was reacted upon. This reaction was good at the time, because it kept the person alive. This reaction, which I call the Paradigm ( thanks to Bob Proctor, The Secret) is stored in the subconscious and every time there is something about to happen or happening that is in a way similar to the first event, people can not respond different than they reacted that first time. I use a method which I learned from P.J. Eby to "talk" to the subconscious, through the body-feelings someone has, and go back to the moment before the -event- happened. They feel good again and are freed of the paradigm.
Anyway, it feels great to read your material and see your work.
I got due to stress and a lot of shit (sorry) in my life ill back in 1985, manic depression, bipolar disorder. This has given me about 50 times ups and downs, many times very extreem. But in the end, I know what chaos is, and have created a lot and invented new stuff.
As a man I will never be able to really understand the BloodBody part of your story of course, but still I think I can get pretty close to your feelings.
I think you are doing great work. It feels good to get to know you (a little (why does this word has 2 t's) )
and write to you.
I hope you'll write back to me.
God is inside you
and outside you
God is everywhere.
But when I'm hungry, I'm hungry
and when I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty.
Greetings from Amsterdam,
Mark Biemans

I am in the rapids of the river
have no controle
go down under
and come above again
sometimes a day
sometimes a few weeks
until the waterfall is reached
where sometimes I can hold on to a rock
because sometimes there is no rock.
Then I can't do different, then
to drop down
together with the acceleration of the water
because of the gravity?
And if I'm lucky
the water is deep enough
to survive
without breaking anything
but sometimes
while falling down
I hit points of rock
and branches
to arrive at the bottom
to be smashed on a rock
just not smashed enough
Because otherwise YOU
could NOT have been reading this

-Mark Biemans-
Amsterdam, 26aug2012

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